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Private Schools, are u kiddin...

What in the world are you thinkin? What private school do you know of that the kids get to interact with one another? That they actually learn anything? Did you send your kids to private school?I did until they went up on the tution by 1,000.00 a month. That was for one child. I have two children. Even if my husband and I skipped all meals and got three jobs apiece that still wouldn't be enough. I shouldn't have to move or send my children to private school to be safe and get a good education. Moving wouldn't help. They would just change the districting again and again and again. I live in a really safe and good neighborhood and have been here for 20 years. The problem lies on that side of town. As for making it a neighborhood school, I am for that. That would mean my children would go to Roland Grise and Hoggard. Bring it on , i would love that chance for my children. I wouldn't have to drive way across town to get them and i could be there at the drop of a hat if they needed me.


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