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not their fault

Please do a little more research before you start blaming us teachers and principles. If it were up to us we'd have metal detectors in our schools. However, look to the parents of some children and there lies the problem. You'd be surprised at the number of parents that DON'T want metal dectors in schools because they want their kids to "be well protected just in case". They want their kids to have a gun, or knife if he needs it. Not to mention the school board sees no reason to fund this. NHHS has a particularly hard issue to figure out. It's in the middle of town, and not the best of neighbor hoods. How are they to keep unwanted visitors off the property? Fence it in? Not an option. This is always going to be an issue in today's time which is very sad. I remember going to school and having FUN and not having to worry about being shot. Where did all this go wrong? What happened to change things so drastically? The community? The raising of kids? Gangs?


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