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Well I know I"M shocked

Honestly, I wondered when this very thing would happen. LOTS of people called to report it but now don't want to say anything else to help. That's like falling overboard from a ship, screaming for someone to throw you a life jacket, then deciding that no, you don't want to be pulled back on board because you'd rather take your chances lost adrift in the ocean while auditioning as a buffet for sharks. Yes, you may have the lifeline provided by the jacket for a while, but if you insist on never being pulled back to safety, YOUR luck WILL run out. So yes, you can continue to skate by for a while with the false belief that calling to report things like this is enough, but one day, the grim reaper's gonna make a house call, and you'll have no one to blame but yourself for not having taken out the trash when you had the chance.


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