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Vickey honey....

Vicky honey, I just want to do a little education with you.. If he is in a gang.....He is into criminal activity... Shoot or be shot...kill or be killed....His affiliation with these illegal groups called gangs..puts him in the " hunger games" of the hood. It was HIS CHOICE to join the gang.....and look where it got him. If someone hadn't shot him ...he would have shot someone. That's what gangs do.. Gangs are not " GODS AWESOME NIFTY GIFTY SOULS"! .. It's sad that young men and it seems to be mostly men not saying color.......but ya know... They just have no morals and values......They live only by the law of the streets...Well, its time for the street sweepers to clean up Wilmington and our Law enforcement has their hands full. Now you just stop trying to make excuses for these thugs. They are all grown up now. Those cute little gang signs are taken quite seriously..Its way past naughty little boys.........may the gangsters wipe out their own and leave the innocent free of jail taxes to pay to keep their sorry behinds in jail!!!!


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