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Probably in fear for their lives

If they were to say anything, it's likely that the thugs that did the crime would take care of the loose ends. The police and DA don't seem to get it.
From traffic accidents, to minor crimes, all the way up to the most serious issues, they put all your personal information out there for the world to see on their incident / accident / arrest reports. "Who turned me in"? Just look at the online police report.

See a person driving erratically, and call 911 for possible DWI? Your name and possibly more is on the report - publicly visible. Call the police because you and another person witnessed a hit and run of a parked car? They LOOK UP your home address, and home phone number and publish it.

Here's a good one, since it actually happened to me. Get your car stolen in a town just outside the city, and have it show up parked in the city or Wilmington and get identified as a stolen car. While the tow truck driver is working on towing the car, three people walk up and claim the car is theirs. He managed to keep control of the car, so it was recovered. The kicker? Wilmington PD lists MY personal info - name address, phone number, DOB, and DL number on the "incident report".

So, why doesn't anyone "see" anything? They know that the PD will rat out the "snitch" In the case of a car theft, they would be ill advised to try visiting me to recover what they left in my car - I don't have any of "the items" anyway since it was taken as evidence by MY local PD, but the more serious stuff?


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