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You're partially correct.

The calls that were made came in JUST AFTER the shots were fired. People were reporting a man shot, not gunshots heard. That means they witnessed something, otherwise, there would have been calls for gunfire in the area followed by calls a few minutes later for someone shot. It's public record. Callers were also advising what part of his body had been shot. Now, immediately after he's shot, how could they have known THAT if they had not been close enough to witness all or at least part of this?

Yes, they were trying to get help for the man who'd been shot, but they also saw things that could be of use to police in the investigation. Anyone that witnessed this and has not yet come forward to detectives with what they saw is quite simply a worthless coward. You made a phone call? So what? He ended up dying anyway. The only way then that his death can have any meaning is if the killer(s) is/are brought to justice, and that can only happen if people find the courage within themselves to do what is right.

I'm sick and tired of the ridiculous claim that witnesses fear being targeted as "snitches". If you're not willing to make a stand against lawless criminals who don't value life or anything BUT violence, then nothing will change. It really is that simple.

Detectives will be grateful for ANY meaningful information for this investigation. Trust me when I tell you that detectives can tell pretty quickly if someone has information that's actually of value or not. If you know anything about this crime, please call WPD at 343-3600. Your call will be answered by either a cadet or an actual patrol officer at the front desk. Either way, tell that officer or cadet that you need to speak with a detective by phone about an open case. Your best bet to get a detective quickly will be to call Monday-Friday during normal business hours, but you can still call nights and weekends and request that a detective call you. Understand that during irregular hours like that, a detective will have to be called out, so it may take longer. Call from a pay phone. Call from a Trac-Phone. Use a different name if you must, but for God's sake, get the information to the people who need it. There are indeed instances where people give useful information to the police and they never have to appear in court because the information is investigated, and if solid enough, can frequently be enough without requiring you to appear as a witness in court.

The people who made the phone calls to ask for help did half the job. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to save him. If they are decent people of any measure, they'll come forward with all the information that they know. Police have citizen informants who help them frequently, and they don't wind up injured or dead. The excuse that "I'll be shot if I say who did it" is a lazy copout. We either live in a world where it's ok to be shot at or it isn't. I prefer the world where it isn't. And the only way we can ever hope to achieve that or anything close to it is to hold those accountable who do the shooting. I'd say that shooting someone to death and then hiding is pure cowardice, but I'd also say that knowing who did the shooting and allowing them to get away with it is even more despicable. Not only have you condoned murder by letting them get away with it, but you've defecated on our entire justice system by allowing a murderer to walk around free.

If a baby crawled into an intersection and you witnessed a drunk driver run over it, would you not call police? Would you not try to follow that vehicle and try to get as much information on it as possible so as to make certain that person is taken off the road? LIFE MATTERS, regardless of whose it is. This young man may have had a criminal background...or maybe not. Doesn't really matter. He was murdered. And he deserves justice. The only acceptable justice is for those responsible to be brought before the justice system and be judged and punished. Otherwise, no one's life means anything.


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