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So, he cops a plea

at his age, assuming he does not play tough guy in prison and disrespect the wrong inmate, he probably has 50 years to serve.

That's 50 years of 3 squares a day, a roof over his head, clean linens, color cable tv, and a chance for further education.

At least he got this over before the holidays so his child and the baby's mama can get accustomed to him not being home for Christmas. No doubt they'll want him to have access to Skype so he can be a part of the baby's upbringing. With his sterling qualities, he certainly has much to impart to a developing child.

And, he's in early enough he can begin his class selection in time for the spring term.

What did the Baby Mama not understand? He admitted he did it. He was the shooter. His other option was facing 6 or 8 years on death row with a lethal injection to follow.

As another noted, it's unfortunate they no longer use public hangings for execution. I wonder how smirky his look would be when he would ascend the stairs to the gallows and take his place on the trap as the hood and noose were put in place. That might well be a detriment to future shootings.

Too bad he weaseled out and copped a plea. Let's hope he at least has to testify against the other 3 at their trials; and then faces fellow inmate reaction to his status as a snitch.


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