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Reply to I'm a Black Man

I'm a white man...Sir, I respect your commentary on the murder of Joshua Proutey.
I'm responding directly to you out of respect for you, as the person
you appear to be, and I couldn't care less about most of the other commentaries.
Everyone is a racist to some degree if they want to admit it! All people are somewhat motivated by the negative influence of others!
But, the truth is the truth!
The fact is: "the victims mother" who is so Christian like in her "Forgiveness",( which is not entirely hers to give) seems to be given all the grandstand here, which is common from the media.
Another fact is: ...Josh has a father who needs to be heard from. He to, is a GOOD Christian! I won't go into how Mrs Proutey had destroyed her son and husbands home life,with her drug problems.Maybe a lot of her guilt accounts for so much forgiveness, and maybe she could show as much compassion for the rest of her family!
I'll stay positive on the "victim's Father's" side here.I've known the Proutey's for years, and since Josh was a baby.
Josh's father served in Vietnam as a Navy Hospital Corpsman, FMF.
He was a Marine's lifesaver! As a Marine, I hold Doc in the highest esteem. On this "racism" thing: One of Doc's best friends (and mine) was a American-Mexican,a Marine helicopter crew chief that Doc flew Medevac with."Gooie" was a Khe Sanh, Navy Cross recipient.
Together,like many of us,they flew into hot LZ's to rescue the wounded.
NEVER did I EVER hear ANYONE ask the COLOR OR ETHNIC origin of the casualty(ies)that we risked life & limb to save.
I don't give a damn WHAT color or ethnic origin the assailants are that murdered Josh,they should suffer the consequences comparable to the crime! It's the deed that needs punishing, not the race of either the victim or the assailant!
I'm sure that the race baiters will disagree to suit their agenda,but again,I couldn't care less.
And, I'm sure the media won't let the facts get in the way of a good, racially charged story!


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