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Yea, cars hurt, don't they?

Yet another example of what happens when car vs. bike.

If the bike was his only mode of transportation, my condolences. If the rider was some spandex wearing narcissistic moron trying to prove that the "roads are for cyclists too", then he got what was coming to him.

There are hundreds of laws in NC that still exist that are ridiculous, the one that states someone on a bicycle has the right to the same pavement that a 2000 lb vehicle traveling 55 mph (or 45, 35 etc) is one of the aforementioned.

Again, if its your only mode of transpo, you should get a vest or something to wear so that people see you from miles away and know you're out traveling to work. If you're out joyriding in the path of those trying to get to and fro work, you shouldn't be allowed.

Can I pogo stick down Market Street? Unicycle? Skateboard? Ride a horse? Probably not, and I shouldn't be allowed to do so.

What say you, spandex wearing, mid life crisis having sterile idgets?


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