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You missed the article?

Your opinions on cyclists are noted. That's why we have fought for better cycling infrastructure for over 30 years. However, if you read the article you will see that you missed the point. The driver "drove off the right side of the road." The fact that it was a bicycle that was hit is immaterial. It could have just as easily been someone stopped with a flat tire, or someone with a baby carriage waiting to cross the road, or whatever. Drivers are supposed to stay in their lanes and drive for conditions (in this case dark). My pet peeve is drivers who don't stop at the stop bar and are, therefore, in the intersection. And drivers who don't stop for red lights when turning right (or anytime). Or drivers who do both. But now I digress. The driver was also charged with hit-and-run. So, spandex or no, the police finally seem to have gotten one right, but only time will tell. In the mean time, please keep it between the white lines.


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