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FBI Investigating? More Like taking lessons....

Listen People, you need to understand that this K-9 is a tool. He/She is not a fluffy little cutie pup that you take out for walks on the loop. It does not hop up on the foot of the bed to sleep at your feet at night. It does not ride down the road with its head out the window, sitting on your lap like the little fuzzball lap dogs I see here in town. IT IS A TOOL. Trained to perform a task or tasks to achieve an objective. That is to do a job that will not put an officer in the line of fire. If the dog is killed/neutralized instead of a human being while performing the task, he has met that objective. Sad as it may be that is nature of his/her purpose. The officer utilized this tool to prevent any further risk of life and limb to the other officers, deputies or troopers involved with this criminals crazed attempt to evade capture. With all the back and forth comments here, has anyone noticed that the bad guy was latched onto in a none life threatening manner. If the K9 was used to attack, the dog would have ripped his throat out. It did what it was trained to do. It immobilized the driver/thug by latching on to his shoulder/arms/whatever and prevented him from running over any of those officers that where attempting to remove him from the 5000lb weapon he was driving. Kinda hard to run when you have a 80lb Bear Trap attached to arm. So...Mr "I went to BLET", if you ever find anyone to hire you, and you can keep a job for any length of time you may learn these things. In the meantime, keep watching you tube and playing airsoft until you find a purpose in life...TROLL...!


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