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You are

out of your effing mind if you think this should have been handled as a felony vehicle stop when it reached the point that it did. How many felony stops did you conduct in BLET where the chase ended with a cruiser having to ram the suspect vehicle to get it to stop after the suspect had already attempted to run over several LEO's earlier in the chase? Had it been me in that situation and the K-9 not been there the suspect would have been forcefully pulled out through the window or out the door if I could safely get it open. This would have been done by multiple officers and the suspect would have been introduced to the pavement facedown until he could be cuffed and searched. Hands up or not I don't care, he's already demonstrated through his actions that he has no regard for the welfare of anyone and I'm not taking any chances with what he might do. This thug created this dangerous situation, he and he alone is responsible for the consequences of his actions.


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