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Comments by GMoney and guest123123 on use of K-9

The people who responded to comments by others who were in the know about police procedures, have taken time to tell the world just how ignorant they are. "It is better to remain silent and have people think you're stupid than it is to speak and remove all doubt", (unknown) This quote came to mind while I was reading some of the ridiculous comments by GMoney and guest123123. Maybe the next time you'll volunteer to help the "poor victim" out of his/her car. Too many good officers have been injured or lost their lives at the hands of scum like the one involved here. I feel that the officers were about at the point of use of deadly force. I'm sure, "He had his hands" wasn't much comfort to families who lost loved ones to jerks like the one in this story. As one person said, the K-9 could have ripped his throat out but the handler opted to use enough force to keep the driver in check. In the future, could you loons who only want to make derogatory comments about the police, keep your mouth shut and leave making public comments to people who know what they're talking about. Just because you got a speeding ticket or a DUI or caused a wreck and lost your license does not give you the right to comdemn every police officer on the planet. I'm especially disappointed by the veteran from Desert Storm. The conditions in this case and the reference you made to the Geneva Convention are not relative and never will be. Let the officers do their jobs, especially those who follow the rules. Ths officer broke no laws or rules. Of course, you know everything so you should be able to quote each law and rule you "think" he broke, so prove your point or shut up. And thank you for your service to the USA.


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