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Uh oh!

I was born in Southport and have been navigating that River for nearly 40 years. From the looks of the angle of impact, the Captain may have been giving way to a larger vessel and cut it close before the bar was visible. There is still NO plausible excuse for this happening, unless it were a mechanical failure. The Channel is wide enough for a 450ft ship, and the Adventure!

On another note....these clowns need to learn to show some respect in the River, you don't own it Bald Head! Most of us have learned to navigate defensively around these BHI boats however, someone is going to get killed by one of them, just a matter of time. I cannot begin to count the number of times I have seen a BHI Ferry nearly sink, or beach a small craft. s

Glad nobody died and wish a speedy recovery for those injured. I also wish for a speedy investigation, more training, and a little bit of courtesy on the water.


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