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That's funny right there

Are you for real? Please tell me that your post was a joke. I'm assuming you're someone who lives on "the other side of the law." Yep, all these laws are on the books and most of them for good reason. Maybe you should do a little research before posting something that ignorant. I'm quite sorry that you think laws should be selectively enforced but tell me this: What would you do if the unrestrained child was a family member of yours and was later injured or killed in an accident because the officer looked the other way? What would you do if the person who had a warrant wasn't arrested and later assaulted or murdered a family member because the officer looked the other way? Do I need to keep going?

It's a very simple concept. DWI checkpoints are constitutional. If probable cause is developed to investigate and charge for other crimes during a stop at a checkpoint then that is also constitutional. It is absolutely absurd to think that officers should simply ignore evidence of other crimes that occur during a checkpoint. So to summarize: If you don't want to get charged with something at a DWI checkpoint don't do anything illegal or carry anything illegal in your vehicle. But you probably have a pretty big problem with that don't you? I'm sure you think you ought to be able to whatever you want, whenever you want to do it. And comparing this to the Soviet Union or China? I can't even touch that one. Have you ever bothered to actually read history or are you just regurgitating rhetoric that a moronic friend read on a blog somewhere? Unbelievable!


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