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Technically Checkpoints are

Technically Checkpoints are illegal but are pushed through some type of loop hole. The amount of DWI arrests at checkpoints are minimal compared to all other arrest and charges at "DWI" checkpoints. Most drunk drivers are arrested due to patrolling officers and concerned citizens reporting them. Not all state have checkpoints because it is unconstitutional and because most charges can be dropped with the right lawyer. Its the same as you being pulled over while your driving down the road doing the legal speed limit with your seatbelt on and you have up to date tags, license, and registration. It's not right for a officer to just stop you while walking down side walk minding your business and following the law and you get stopped and checked for your ID to make sure you dont have any warrants. You don't have to be on the "other side of the law to enjoy the freedoms and privacy our founding fathers invisioned for America. Our government bend and ammends our constitution so much we might as well rip it up and write a new one. Our existing constitution has so many scratch outs and changes that you'd get a failing grade if you turnes into english class with so much white out and erase marks. It is not right to drive drunk and i am not trying to side with drunks on the road but i will fight for my constitutional rights as a citizen in America that are being taking away from us daily.


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