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Bleedy heart Libmeisters

Look here, this here Brunswick county school board has gone totally tooty frooty if you ask me, turning these kids these days into WIMPS and sissy's, not making them go to school because it's too cold, well i say they NEED to go to school when it's cold to build up there character, back in the good old days we had to go to school when it's cold, and didn't think nothin of it, but them school ppl want them little kiddys to lay up and stay home and read that TRASH colour purple book, it's just discusting what them libber weirdos are doing to the youths in this county, you go to Norway or Sweden and them little kids are walking through 5 feet of snow at 6 am in negative 20 degree's celsus weather to go to school, but of course they value and education over their, unlike all these entittled libbers laying up there in the school board, they need to kick them out and send them back to yanky northernville or wherever they came from!


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