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Thank You

As a student at a local high school, I am extremely grateful for the two-hour delay. I am not as concerned about the cold as I am about the upcoming finals. Although the delay is caused by the weather, I view this as more of a chance to study for the finals next week. As of recent, my high school has created mandatory packets for each class. For my U.S. History class, I have to answer 300 questions that takes about a paragraph each- that is just for ONE class. With the delay, I can utilize that time to work on them rather than staying up late and evolving into the typical teenage zombie.

When I wake up in the morning, it is usually pitch-black outside. I scoot myself around my room and try to avoid hitting a wall when shuffling to the bathroom. I have to quickly get dressed, make lunch, eat breakfast, and try to prepare for the long day. When I woke up this morning, the sun was shining and the heater was blaring- it was a foreign feeling. I finally had time to pick out an outfit; I finally had time to make hot chocolate; I finally had time to read that book my teacher recommended; I finally had time to finish a project that is due next week; I finally had time. I was so radiant, I was shining brighter than the sun (the sun I could actually see in the morning).

When I arrived in class today at the wonderful time of 10:30, I looked around at my fellow peers. No one had bags under their eyes, or a head on the desk, or an eye closed shut. By having the extra time to sleep and be prepared for the day, my peers had participated actively in the class and actually seemed enthusiastic to learn! If you compare it to an ordinary day, there is a notable difference.

My teachers also talked about the superb delay. They had time to finish grading the papers or making the PowerPoint to review for the final. They too were energized and ready to take-on the day with a can do attitude. Everyone's mood had increased drastically.

I realize that the delay was for the freezing conditions and I believe that the delay was justified. Last year, it was around 35 degrees outside when I had to go to a physics class in the morning. The class started just as the sun was peaking over the house as well as when the heating system wasn't working. My peers and I had to sit through a miserable one and a half hours in the cold while trying to figure out the final velocity of a cannonball if it was fired towards a ship 100 meters away... It was dreadful.

The delay was to help ensure a warm, welcoming classroom for all students and staff. All I can say is that I appreciate the delay and I'm thankful for my county for making that decision.


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