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I would like to say that I am ready for the real world (kind of jumping to conclusions, weren't you?). I just don't understand how it relates to the fact the delay was a political stunt. I guess being a student, I consider the delay as an gift rather than a stunt. I simply accept what has been given to me and utilize it in a more optimistic way.

Being a political stunt is just a factor. The main reason they put out the delay was to check the pipes to make sure they didn't freeze or burst. They also checked to make sure that the heater was working. Similar to last year, the air conditioning was broken and the students had to sit in 85 degree classrooms for eight hours. They were simply trying to prevent the school from freezing- and they did a great job because no one at my school has complained.

I didn't mean to cause an uproar from you. I just wanted to simply state that I appreciated the two-hour delay.

Thank you for sharing your opinion. Have a nice day.

I'm not the average student. I'm a hard worker. I come home from eight hours of school and take a break for 30 minutes- I have a snack, walk my dog, or even look at the news like this one. Then I go back to doing 6 hours of homework. I don't have a facebook or a twitter because I have come to conclusions that they are a major and unnecessary distraction. I just check my email to communicate with my employer, turn in an online assignment, or to talk to my grandmother who is from Portugal. So yes, I'm not the average student. Thank you for your time.


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