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Law enforcement around the

Law enforcement around the country is losing its faith anf trust in the Law Abiding Citizens of America. These sensless killing of inocent people has got to stop and happens too often, Then the officers are not punished as severly as they should be. Eventually the communities will turn against the LEO and then who will protect the officers. Seems like there are way too many bad apples to stop the rest from spoiling. Law Enforcement is trained to treat the civilians as the enemy. They do not protect and serve they command and conquer. There are many more civilians than police officers and eventually you will realize you are outnumbered by then it would probably be too late. How could a grown man not stop a very small 18 year old holding a screw driver??? Better yet three grown men!!!! If this was my son, the officer and myself would have had to accept the same fate because he would not have walked out of my house!


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