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This is extremely disturbing to say the least. You call your local law enforcement for help with a mentally ill 90lb child and they end up shooting your child and is now being cleared of wrong doing? UNBELIEVABLE- completely lost for words over this story !!!!!! It will be a cold day in hell before I ever involve the law enforcement in this area in anything b/c we can see what the outcome is- they don't have time for us. They will cover up and protect themselves only! That's pretty sad you can't even trust who is suppose to protect and serve. "They dont' have time for this," quote on quote as this officer said before shooting this child after only being on the scene for 70 seconds. So what exactly does the law enforcement have time for? Obviously not to try and help, only hurt and cover up- SICK, absolutely sickening! I know the outcome would have been different if it was his child that got shot... so disgusting


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