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Well to begin with if the

Well to begin with if the family could control their wonderful well behaved son then they would not have called law enforcement to their home. To begin with law enforcement's job is not to talk to some crazy kid that's parent can't control. Their job is to make sure the public is safe and citizen and themselves are safe. An 18 year old is not a child he is a young man that should know right from wrong and had killed this officer it would be a totally different story with this so called child on trial. You can almost bet this was not the first visit to this property. Will be interesting to find out what kind of substances come back in his system. Police Officer don't wake up in the morning deciding they are going to go kill some one. They wake up put a uniform on go to work at all hours of the day and night and let's not forget holidays to protect the public from people like this young man but when they have to use deadly force oh that should not have been done. Well if you wanted someone to talk to sweet little thing you should have called his minister or his doctor. Bet you money he was of his meds for this disorder. Mom didn't have a problem dialing 911 when he was chasing her with screwdriver. Frankly I am very glad officer was able to go home to his family which probably sees him less than you could ever imagine. Police are like fireman you only call them when you need them. Hate it for the family of the young man but I also hate it for what the police officer and his family will go through. You can bet his stress level is high too knowing he had to do this for protection.


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