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I Did Read Before I Wrote

Go back to other shooting where multiple officers have been involved. You have no idea how many shootings involve more than one officer shooting at same time nor do you know the training these officers go through to protect themselves and you. They don't get up think of I can't wait to kill someone so I can remember that the rest of my life. Let someone come after you with some type of blunt weapon. If this was such a tiny screwdriver why in the world did mom even call. Any real dad can surely take down as you call it a tiny little 90 lb boy. Let me tell you this you try to restrain a 90 to 100 lb person that has mental issues and see what happens. Their strength is unbelievable why do you think mom has looked into mental resources for her son. Please try to live in this redneck no law abiding county without law enforcement and see what you end up with. A bunch of drunks, drug addits, drug dealers and whatever else they can get away with that is illegal because over half the people in this county have no respect for any kind of authority. You can tell that by the comments being made. The officers that are not responsible have no reason to lie. It is also pretty standard procedure when an officer is involved in a shooting he is placed on leave with pay and you can bet he is not having a vacation as someone put it. Law Enforcement officers are human beings just like everyone else and no matter what you think they have feelings and deal with the low of low most times. Nobody gets up first thing wanting to hurt someone especially a child young adult or any human being. Try letting someone run to you with knife or screwdriver see what your reaction time is. They can stab you quicker than you can pull your gun if you let seconds pass. This is a kid that mom couldn't control so who does she call the good old boys in blue and who are you going to call when someone breaks in your house holds gun to your head rapes your wife steals your belongs. Bet it won't be your best friend, fire department, your doctor, oh no its going to be the ones that have been train to deal with explosive situations just like the parents of this kid did. They called the police. They made the decision that they could not control him. Don't expect to call the police and get warm and fuzzies. If you want that call his mother who probably has taken up for him all his life because he has a special problem and can't mentally deal with things so he just get a little explosive now and then. If it was a bad shooting the officer will be charged if he was justified he will be cleared. Lets see what comes back in this poor little 90lbs system if the parents will release that before it goes to court. Case of scizo off his medication!! Seen it many times.


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