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maybe you should read more (rgm)

from what i have watched & read, the family called the police for assistance so they could get him to the hospital to adjust his meds. police had been to the residence before & knew the young man. the one that pulled the trigger, the southport cop, wasn't even in his jurisdiction & from what all of the police blotter states, he wasn't even there long enough to make an educated guess as to whether he should fire shots or not. from my understanding, he walked in & shot a 90 pound boy, who yes, had just turned 18 in december, legally an adult, and killed him at point blank range. i do not feel any pity for the officer, who saw fit to shoot this young man, in front of his parents, in his own home no less, in less than 2 minutes time. no one radioed in for back up, or ever said that keith (victim) was putting them in danger, other than the initial 911 call (he had a screwdriver & his mother was scared to death). never once did anyone actually say that he threatened ANYONE with any physical violence, threats or even self harm. i do feel sorry for the officer's family for what they may be dealing with, but they didn't pull the trigger. i am not saying that everyone in law enforcement in this county is bad, but there are several bad cops that make bad judgements & give the entire branch a bad name.

and just to enlighten you, all because someone is mentally ill & may exhibit signs of being intoxicated, does not mean that they are high or on drugs.

my heart & thoughts go out to the vidal/wilsey family. i am sure they had NO EARTHLY IDEA that calling the police dept for assistance would result in the death of their child.


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