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To all of you anti-establisment, police-hating and accusatory...

...know nothings, try to gather the facts before spouting off your ignorance. You sound like a bunch of smelly 60's era hippies that spit on Vietnam Vets, adored Jane Fonda and couldn't get out of your own way in a 3 knot breeze, much less fight for your country or even attempt to become a trained police officer.

Here are a few FACTS, so attempt to wear these shoes without filling them up with your own brown sludge:

* NOBODY wanted to see this young man die! This is a horrible incident for both sides and one that will remain in all of their minds until their dying day!
* The detective from Southport is a nine year veteran. I can gurantee all of you that he is in as much pain over this as the family of that teenager.
* The police were intentionally dispatched BY THE FATHER via a somewhat frantic 911 call. This call was responded to as a domestic violence situation, the worst and most unpredictable and usually most violent calls the police encounter.
* The police have responded to calls at this residence in excess of 20 times. This clearly shows continually on-going issues that WERE NOT addressed by the family!
* The teen just turned 18 and weighed 90 pounds. ANYONE experiencing schizophrenic/psychotic episodes can and will exhibit explosive bursts of superhuman strength that can't be contained by several grown adults. Age and weight is not a factor.
* Stating that "the teen is only 18 and only 90 pounds in weight and ONLY had a TINY screwdriver that couldn't hurt anyone". So why didn't his 250 pound father that made the distress call in the first place disarm him? He was AFRAID to approach him as he knew the potential of his sons outburts. Hence the reason for the other 20+ 911 calls!

These are just a few of the basics. Now, allow the SBI to perform their investigation and refrain from accusing the LEOS of cover-ups, conspiracies and one-sided conclusions! The vast majority of people that show such disdain for law enforcement are those that have had multiple arrests and convictions and are current dregs of society, including those that are failed LEOs spouting off here!


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