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First off, anyone who starts

First off, anyone who starts off a post by hurling insults at it's intended audience can forget about anything they are saying having any merit...

Everything you wrote except for the FACTS, not what you believe the officer is feeling, or what you perceive the family did or did not do, is irrelevant.

Based on the FACTS this officer DID intend to harm the kid. You do not shoot someone in the chest and not "want" that person to die. Let me try that excuse if I ever hit a cop on the side of the road. See how well that works in court.

If the cop knew he was schizophrenic why did he think it was a good idea to tase him and try to subdue him physically if he possesses super human strength? The guy walked in and by several accounts said "I don't have time for this"..."this" being trying to talk down the boy as the BSL officers were successfully doing.

If we had faith in the SBI and LEO we would gladly take their findings and move on. If there wasn't a history of good ol' boy cover ups and abuses by those in power we might not be so skeptical would we? This is nothing new. This is the culture of LEO, being held to a different standard than those they are charged to protect. So go wahhhhh if you don't like that the general public dislikes LEO.


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