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All police officers should

All police officers should be trained appropriately. This "good-'ol-boy" network must stop! And why would a person who has not had training on the mentally ill be sent to the scene where there is a crisis with a person that is having a psychotic break?

I could have taken away the screwdriver from this kid and I am 5 ft tall woman.

This detective needs to be charged with murder and the "Chief" needs to be fired. The police need better training and I think that ALL police officers should have AT LEAST a 4 year college degree. Before someone comes to my house I need to know that they at least have some basic analytical skills and the ability for rational thought. Otherwise, I vote for Planet of the Apes which I could probably maneuver around.

I want to see term limits set for these "Chieftans".

God I can't take the stupid anymore. This is the 21st century and I feel like I live in the Middle Ages.

There is no rational thought in Brunswick County Government. Its in the shallow end of the gene pool.


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