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Police Officer vs Pig

I think we just witnessed the sad reality of the way a Police Officer should think and act and the way a Pig thinks.

You have assumed this cop innocent just as quickly has many have assumed him guilty just because he wears a badge and also stated that his actions should not be second guessed (i.e. questioned and held responsible). I am sorry but we are all human whether mentally ill or a cop. We are all fallible and subject to mistake. Lets make a very clear distinction I feel most cops don't get now days. There is a big difference between defending yourself and killing someone. There are way to many lethal shooting by cops in this country now days. Cops kill more people than terrorist in this country. I understand there are bad people but not all need executed on the street. One of the jobs of a police officer is to bring criminals before the court to be judged and sentenced by due process.

Given what has been reported so far a rational and fair mind could only conclude one thing, but we do not know for sure if these are all the facts and accurate. I can say with certainty that if these reports are half way accurate there are many other ways this could have been handled. If police mentality was to protect rather than engage they could have simply backed safely out of the house and come up with a better game plan. Maybe the kid would have punched some holes in the walls but how trivial is that to the cost of human life. Do cops know how to do anything except pull a gun and shoot center mass anymore(News flash that is a KILL shot)? Yes being a Cop is a high risk job but its not the only one and it is a choice. If you are not willing to accept the risk and responsibility find another line of work.

Lets take a look at this situation in a different light and see how it sounds. --- Son has a psychotic episode grabs a small screwdriver and starts acting violent. The parents call the neighbor for a little extra help. The parents then wrestle the kid down and restrain him at which time the neighbor comes running in see's the parents restraining the child says "I don't have time for this shit" and shoots the restrained kid in the chest. -- Boy that paints a different picture when you take the badge out of the equation.

We have to get past this us vs them mentality that is viral on both sides of the fence. We are all neighbors with jobs and lives in the same community and country. Confidence in government is the single most important issue in unifying a country.


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