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Small but wiry

When I was only four years old, back in 1946, my sister had to have her tonsils taken out. Back then the doctor gave my Dad and Mother a discount to have mine removed too. Yep, they did such things back in those days! But my point is when the nurse was putting me under ether this four year old and small for my age got away from that nurse and was leaving the room. The nurse was a male and immediately he had to call for help as he could not seduce this skinny four year old as I was small but wiry. In came two more males to help him and they too could not get me under control. By then my father had heard the commotion and also ran into the room as had another female nurse. It took these five grown adults to finally hold me down and finish getting me fully under ether for my tonsils to be removed. My point is it does not matter what the size of a person is when it comes to fighting in a situation like this. People are saying how could a 90 lbs. young man with a lethal weapon, not be subdued by grown police officers? Easily as most small built males are very wiry.
No, I am not excusing the investigation into this young man's life but please folks do not judge an officer just because everyone is wanting to say the 90 lbs. male could have been easily over-powered by the officers on site.
And as another person's comment she told about how her son's life was back under control by taking medication. If the dead boy's family had taken their son for medical treatment and he had the medication to control his condition was he possibly not taking it? If not then the young man put his own life in jeopardy in doing this in a sense putting himself out there for something to happen as it did.
So let's not judge against the officers on site by saying a 90 lbs. male should have been easily subdued. I know for a fact as in my case when I was a small skinny four year old it isn't as easy as people would think.
However I agree with some that are saying the police force look out for their own as I have a neighbor that has a Fraternal Order of the Police medallion on all his vehicles. In all the years even when we both had teenage sons and they were stopped by police his son was always let go and our son was given the ticket. If the medallions were of no use why has he always had them on all his vehicles over the years?
There are aspects on both sides of this issue that need to be addressed before making loose comments like the ones being seen on this site.


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