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The Cop WAS justified

The cop was justified. I only wish he had taken off that man's face. That was the purpose of whole thing. If that man's face had been disfigured for life he would be forever wearing the officer's mark. That is what is called a "cop tat".

Some cop tats are temporary, just look at the mug shots in brunswick County. Almost everyone, man or woman has been tatted on the face. You know, just say they are resisting, even when they are not and ya got the right to give them a cop tat. Unfortuantely, most of these are temporary.

So, I am merely givin' yall the heads up. The cop is innocent. I mean if he's found guilty it will make the scum trash public think they have rights once they are on the radar and even worse they may think they are equal to or (god forbid) over and above cops.

Cops are here to oversee the herd and cull out all miscreants by any means possible. I for one felt threatened on behalf of the officer. KUDOS to you officer whatsyourname! and Hail Hitler!


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