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wilmington k9

Well here we go again lets hang out to dry a K9 officer who was doing his job protecting the public, yet because the video shows him helping his K9 into a car window, well my question is this, why the hell didn't this guy stop when he was lite up with blue lights , you get blue lights behind you, you stop and by the way who was the crimnal that was involved, most likely a felon , yet while most of us are sleeping this K9 officer and his K9 partner are out there trying to keep our town safe, This man's reputation as an officer is outstanding, I'm pissed that our chief of police sold this officer down the drain to make himself look good, of course now we have the NACP SCREAMING foul yet other then in the hood, most of us would applaud this officers action in the heat of the chase, How many years does it take for a k9 officer to become proficent with his partner yet our chief of police is going to listen to a few and demote this outstanding K9 officer who has years of experience, back to patrol, I think its time we need a new chief , one that doesnt sell his men out, that and this department needs a stronger union to protect its men, the chiefs not he to worried about his job c fire the chief


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