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Berger stands alone, And tall. We saw that Tonight.

Brian Berger is the only politician ever to stick to his promises, might not be pretty or sound great, but it's admirable the guy is still alive and still doing what he promised. Look at how whenever they throw Berger in jail they come right out with things decided in secret, and behind closed doors. You probably work for the county and are in the closet with them.
Credit Berger for trying with everything in the world fighting him and reporters and woody and barfield up his arse they don't even let him speak. Bergers biggest problem is probably the police who throw him in jail, spend millions and he's innocent. Imagine that. Woody is another fake republican, barfield a fake preacher, the others in bed with Titan and special interests. Only Berger isn't trying to line his pockets. The WPD and Sheriff need to deal with gangs and violence but ben david and sheriff causey-prostitute are too busy harassing berger to do their jobs. get out of politics mr. government worker afraid berger won't raise taxes to pay for your 28000 raise this year.


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