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The PBA is a very highly respectful organization that provides legal representation to law enforcement officers. They do not cover any thing up and they are very selective on the cases they take. It is not a free organization. Law Enforcement officers choose to join and pay for their services just as the Teachers have an association that protects them and in some areas of the United States there is something known as a UNION. The two tasers some fool is taking about is one taser has two prongs sometimes both enter sometime one enters sometime none. A taser is usually used before taking deadly force if it is possible. In a domestic call the safety of the community and the officer comes first. This young man unfortunately was way out of control. Maybe parents should have called dr instead of police since this was an on going problem in this family. I'm sure the boy had mental resources. Sorry the officer is going to have to live with this the rest of his life. It only shows the ignorance of the people in a community when you take a domestic incident to slam every law enforcement person in this county and state. Wake up where would you be without them. Perfectly happy til you are on the end that needs the POLICE as everyone does at some point in your life. These officers make nothing and have very little time with their family and never know when they walk out the door if they will ever see their children, wife, husband that is why the PBA exist is to protect a career that no one else care about. Thank you PBA for all you do for our law enforcement and the community. People have no idea what you give or do they care. People you don't get it this is a crazy kid with no discipline no respect for authority a future county case now the family will receive $$ for pain and suffering and stress that they were already suffering from daily dealing with this person but now they have someone to blame it on the Law Enforcement of Brunswick County instead of taking responsibility for their own actions or lack of action. They gave birth to him not the officer. The officer did his job which is to serve and protect the public not give mental conseling. Call the shrink for that and don't waste officers time with domestic issues that most times are created in families because of the morals they live by. Don't dog an organization the has nothing to do with this and only goes by facts not hearsay.


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