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Well, it would appear as if

Well, it would appear as if officers tired to man handle this guy and it didn't work. Which that in itself is strange since officers almost never grab anybody displaying a weapon. And yes a screwdriver is a weapon, yes you can kill someone with it. Would any of you even care if that poor little female deputy had been stabbed in the throat and killed by this guy.

It is also strange that it goes from dad telling dispatch " he is trying to fight his mom and he has a screwdriver", and " she is scared to death of him." To all of sudden he couldn't hurt a fly. That sounds like a cover up. I read in one of the first articles that mom said she would have just taken the screwdriver away if she had known they would shoot him. So she goes to fearing for her life to, oh I could have handled it. Which one is it, reason would have be believe she nor her husband could control him. Is it really so hard to believe that the officer who shot actual thought if he didn't someone would be stabbed.

Also some mental health problems are widely know to give some people extra strength and a very high tolerance to pain. Is it hard to believe this young man was displaying the above traits.


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