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I love all the Monday afternoon quarterbacks after Sunday's game! I love how allyou Perry Masons know exactly what happen when you were not keep crying cover up cover up cover up, nothing has been covered up and nothing will be covered up! The sbi will conduct an investigation in an unbiased manner. The only for a fact that you have right now that you can substantiate is that a boy is dead. The family is the only one putting out information and that information is biased at best! I am a former sergeant with the Southport Police Department and I have a total of 16 years in service....I worked with this detective when he was a mere patrolman... I know his character and I know his personality! I know he would not just arbitrarily shoot s:omebody for no reason, someone's life had to be in danger! you talk about the system being flawed.... The flawed part is you... Your actions or judgment rather without all the facts is very flawed! People need to wait for the full report to come out and justice will be served. This lynch mob mentality is what's wrong with this country now!


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