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Hey Sarge!

1. What if this had been your son??? I thought so....
2. Why are you so against the eye witnessed testimony of this child's parents??? They were were NOT!
3. (Your Quote) "I know his character and I know his personality! I know he would not just arbitrarily shoot s:omebody for no reason, someone's life had to be in danger! you talk about the system being flawed.... The flawed part is you..." (Unquote) Spoken like a true Public Servant for the people.
A bit of advice Sarge...let the investigation continue its course (as you say), then you will see how well you knew this individual, instead of screaming out his innocence (seeing how YOU were not there). 2 full minutes before the shooting officer called his action in to headquarters??? That delay within itself sounds sketchy. The days of handcuffing an individual...or Pepper Spray...or even the ole Night Stick just can't get the same results as a bullet...can it??? And "You" wonder why the public is judgemental in this type of situation.
So before you Quarterback what happened there yourself...wait. But as long as opinions are being handed out...I go with the parents...and so with their lawyers!


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