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Amen Brother... Finally someone with some sense talking on here... All these ppl against the cops and slamming him and the department have no idea.. They all act like they were on scene and they are basing all the information on what the family and news reported.. These idiots keep saying it was only a screwdriver... Well you come at me with a screwdriver, I'm going to drop you as well.. That can be classified as a weapon in my book, no different than a shank. Sorry for the family loosing a love one, but one thing that sticks in my mind is this.. They ( the family) keep saying that he wasn't never a threat.. So why in the 911 call, did the dad go outside to make the call, and immediately tell C-comm. that he was threatening to fight his mother and that she was scared to death of him and if he wasn't never a threat, why didn't the dad just walk up and take the screwdriver away from him??? That sends out red flags of someone who has shown pass violent tendencies.. These haters just need to set back and wait for the reports to be completed.. Everyone is ready to blame and sue the police departments in this world today.. A cop now can hardly do his or her job without the threat of being sued..


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