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Mr. Willis, you claim to be a 16 year veteran of the Southport PD. The same PD that showed such great judgment when they made a huge scrap out of illegally parking a patrol verhicle in a handicap parking space. I am sorry but, I used to be a police officer as well. I am trying to figure out how your obviously biased opinion matters any more or less than that of the family? The only group coming out in favor of shooting this young man so far has been Southport PD (BIG SURPRISE!) and the PBA. The PBA is paid to back the officer so that is just as big a surprise as you backing this officer's actions. Tell me, what weapon did an 18 y.o that weighed 100 lbs. and with two taser probes in him possess that warranted shooting him? The small electronics screwdriver? Is that what you guys are going to stand on? If so, I am glad I got out of law enforcement when I did...there is nothing honorable about that.


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