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Is it not a freedom as well

Is it not a freedom as well as a responsibility of those in a free and democratic society to have an open dialog about government action? Do you think our founding fathers sat and waited for the King to respond to complaints about the oppressive way America was being treated by its European leaders? Or do you think Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson sat and spoke for the months that it took for information to sale across the sea? I suspect they discussed and planned how to deal with the response they would receive.

In the same manner, we as a people should discuss current events while we wait the months and years it takes for this investigation to take place. I completely agree, we do not have all the facts, and when all the facts are know it may substantially change the way we view this incident. However, as it stands right now despite the stream of information coming from Vasseys camp, non of it is helping his case. If anything it is making him look worse.

Unfortunately, as long as the laws are in place prohibiting much of an internal affairs investigation are changed, we simply will never get the full picture of what happened. At some point we should have a better understanding, but I certainly think if some smoking gun was available Vassey would have made sure that info was release already. Further, I doubt he would have been indicted. I also find it hard to believe the other officers would have been returned to work so quickly had they been put in a position that their testimony was even remotely questionable. Which leads me to believe they are not backing Vassey's version of events.

Check this site out for a former cops view on this shooting and why it was not justified even if the kid did try to stab the officer.


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