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Tweedle dee and tweedle

Tweedle dee and tweedle dumbest.

So, Woody White wants to run for Congress, after his illustrious two months or so on the County Commission? I guess having hundreds of thousands to spend (mostly of your own money) makes you a "leader".

Woody, what have you done while on the County Commission? You've initiated a proceeding that most of the people in the County view as illegal against a sitting County Commissioner. Like it or not, Brian was duly elected by the citizens and his fellow County Commissioners cannot simply choose to remove him at will. Is Woody going to try to do this in Congress? When people have probably an even more checkered past than Brian?

Secondly, just earlier this week, I believe, Woody was noncommittal on whether he'd support an additional County sales tax for people doing online sales in the County. An additional tax? For what? To "level the playing field" with brick and mortar businesses, instead of lowering the tax burden on them by eliminating wasteful government spending?

Is this the kind of leadership that we need? Have they cut one dime of wasteful spending? Have they routed one ounce of corruption? No, it's business as normal, with the COUNTY STAFF drafting all new legislation and the Commissioners themselves introducing NO new ideas.

As milquetoast as he is, David Rouzer is probably the best choice in this primary for Republicans (and of course Jonathan Barfield is if you like blabbering, marble-mouthed buffooons.) I thought in the last primary that although Patano probably had an edge over Rouzer in the authenticity department that Rouzer would probably be a good sight better than most members of Congress right now... So, go Rouzer!


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