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learn to read.

Nowhere did I say anything against Mike McIntyre. NOWHERE, did I even mention him. I defy you to show me 1 word in my post which was negative about Mike McIntyre.

I am a life long Republican. He is 1 of 2 Democrats for whom I consistently have voted. Unlike you, I have his cell number and called him encouraging him to reconsider his decision.

I do not have a son. I do have a son-in-law who led a hard charging Company of Marines to Iraq and Afghanistan. I have friends who also deployed.

Unlike you, I can read and comprehend.

I may be a sad bastard. Opinions vary; that's 1 of the beauties of living in a Democracy.

You, Sir, are a mindless moron who apparently has nothing better to do than try to take shots at yours truly. Your own words are proof positive.

And like a mindless twit, you failed. Go back to your burrow until February 2nd.


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