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Dude!!! You must've been in Sanders back pocket big time!

Bernie Madoff was a fine, outstanding man least until his investors realized just how badly he had ripped them off. Now he's in the Butner Federal Penetentiary sucking soup and who knows what else. The last home he'll ever see! We'd like to see Sanders join him. He has a matching mentality, only of a much smaller scale. Bottom line: A THIEF is a THIEF, no matter what color you try to paint it.

Oh and just one other tid-bit to gently quash your exclusionary reasoning: Buying a property for a residence is in no way, shape, form or fashion related to gambling money away with a dealers hand in Vegas! You need some very serious help and "I personally" hope you seek it quickly! If "You've known him all your life", you're probably exactly like him!


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