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As a student at south

As a student at south brunswick high school, I honestly have to say that I am more concerned about being murdered by police instead of tevon... or any other student for that matter. Our student body is outraged to know someone that we knew, went to school with, and at one point walked the halls with was MURDERED in cold blood by an officer of the law. Murdered by someone who is supposed to help, what did he have on his mind that was so important that he decided to say we dont have time and then fataly shoot my friend keith vidal? The student body and a lot of people in our town know this is murder. No matter what the rouge murderous cold blooded killer cop says, or how he tries to rationalize it, deep down he knows he murdered an innocent child. That was someone's friend, brother, and son he murdered. I hope he feels bad, and I hope he is tortured inside by his conscious knowing he murdered someone who needed help. Keith deserved to be helped, not to be murded. Police brutality like this is why no one respects cops. If that detective is not charged and convicted of murder, then its safe to say our community will come together and protest massively. Keith vidal deserves justice, lets hope he gets it. I will say one thing, I will never call the police for help. And it is strictly because of keith vidal's murder.


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