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South Student

I'm so sure in your very short life on earth and many more years to come you will never need the law. Please go ahead and take matters in your own hands because I doubt the officer will be charged just a matter of time before we know what was in the body of the deceased. And as you said if you follow through with the threat you made dealing with the law you will encounter them sooner than later idiot. Sounds like he had a very peaceful and supportive family environment. I say 9 domestic calls in a year at one residence is average wouldn't you? I've lived 60 years and never had an officer come to my house except to visit or come home from putting up with idiot children as yourself. You my dear will find out in your very life there will come a time you will encounter the law whether it be your fault or someone else that does injustice to you if you live a long average life like most kids that don't abuse their bodies.


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