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I wouldn't be some quick to judge...

and I repeat...not a big po-po fan but hanging the cop without confirmation of guilt is unwise at best...the dad said in the 911 call that the mom was very afraid of him. Tho not fully responsible, the mentally ill can be extremely dangerous and, as there had been so many previous calls he was obviously well know to the police...hence, the cops comment about not having time for this is not unreasonable. I'd be interested know which police agency busted the sister and prior interaction between the guy (not a little boy, a young man with an extensive history of problems) and the Southport police. True, the cop could have overreacted but with split second's gonna happen. Have any of you even considered, the guy could have been going for one of the other officers guns? There are way too many variables to label the officer a "bad cop" at this point. Lastly, I find it extremely hard to believe that even a stupid "bad cop" would shoot someone in cold blood in front of two eyewitnesses from other police agencies...


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