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South Student

After reading your comment I feel compelled to address your young mind and try to help you see your shortsightedness. First of all, I am sorry that you lost a friend. Unfortunately, this country has done a wonderful job of doing away with appropriate help for those with mental illness. With that said, I would like to point out to you that you are making assumptions based, not in fact, but rather in emotion. You do not know any more than any of the rest of us that were not at that house what happened before, during, or after the incident. There are facts that have yet to be released, and if you are basing any of your opinion on the emotional accusations put forth by the family of this poor young man, you may want to gather all the news about it you can and study up because the story just isn't quite fitting with each new version released. Listen to the 911 recording where the step father tells 911 that Keith had a screwdriver and that his mother was scared of him. I know that as his friend you knew him to be a kind, loving person, but the truth is that he had a mental illness that rendered him dangerous and out of control when having an "episode". Contrary to your young way of thinking, not all cops are corrupt and if you do not know the cop in question I would suggest you keep in mind that he too is human with feelings and a family that loves him very much. As a matter of fact I know that he has children that are also students at South, how do you think your classmates actions today and the vile words some have spoken about their father makes them feel? Put yourself in that position and try to be a little understanding.

As for the young man who made the threat, he is 18 and by law he is an adult, he is old enough to know that the actions he chose to take were wrong and unacceptable, it's not like he was in a situation that called for a split second decision. He will have his day in court, which I might point out you seem too eager to take away from Detective Vassey. It is not our place to convict either of them without proper evidence of guilt.


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