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Being a emergency healthcare

Being a emergency healthcare provider you should agree that a screw driver can be used as a weapon to stab someone. The fact is only part of the story has been told by the media or family. The kid was tased and did not respond only became more out of control, charged at the officer on his own two feet aiming to stab him and the other officer took action. Yes he deserved to die if his intentions were to do deadly harm to the officer. The boy was NOT on the floor and under control. Also as a emergency healthcare provider you should know that law enforcement officers are now sitting in hospitals to watch individual mentally impaired people who act this way because the health care providers are scared of some of these mental/drug cases and the harm they can cause when they are out of control. No one deserves to die but at the same time no one should put themselves in that situation when there is help. The EMS would have gladly transport him to a proper place for help if he would accept it. This kid had the police at his home a number of times and knew how they handled things. He had already attempted suicide and threatened his mother to the point she felt police protection was needed for her and her family safety. His intentions appear that he wanted to hurt someone that day by the action he took. Thank God no one was hurt except the one that wanted to cause pain to his parents. Had he not threatened the mom the police would have been no where around his home.


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