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I have a bi-polar child and

I have a bi-polar child and we live in Brunswick County. My child is a talented and beautiful, caring person. But life is very stressful and difficult for my child. My child has no insurance and cannot afford Obamacare due to the fact he/she does very well to hold down a part time job and do it well. But he/she cannot handle the added stress of a full time job. He/she does not make enough money for a subsidy. My child tried to get Medicaid but was told he/she was "nowhere near" qualifying for Medicaid. So, the only help my child could get was through the county health department. He/she was given drugs he/she could not afford and received no helpful therapy. He/she went to a private therapist for a while but can no longer afford the $100.00 per visit fee with no insurance. So now what? I feel my child's condition is getting worse due to lack of care. I have instructed people around my child to make sure they notify me only should he/she have any type of episode that gets out of control. Now I have to fear that he/she could be seriously hurt or worse if the wrong people get involved in his/her care. This county and this nation have little empathy for the plight of the mentally challenged and their families, apparently to the point of just wiping them off the face of the earth. I never thought I'd see such things in my own community and I now have to fear for my beautiful child's life just because of a physical chemical imbalance in his/her brain. If a child has cancer, the world does everything to save them. If they lack brain chemicals, their life has no meaning. Something is very wrong in this society. God bless Keith's family.


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