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Do the math

I have read this report that the police was called to the victims house 32 times in the past 7 years.
What surprised me the most is how people actually thought "well there you go, the cop is justisfied".
Well let's just take a moment to do the math and really use our brains here.
In 32 calls BSL officers were able to control the situation and no one was ever harmed.
Okay, was Bryan Vassey at any of these calls that ended peacefully? No, that was BSL officers who were able to control the situation without using excess force.
Now let's put the story together here, 32 calls with no violence , but Bryon Vassey wasn't a responding officer.
1 incident out of 33 calls and Bryon Vassey responds and the kid ends up dead!!
What seems to be the difference in these situations??
Come on people you have to see this!
Also keep in mind the other BSL officers and the SD had already been with the victim 14 minutes with no violence before and radioed in "everything was fine". But 70 seconds after Byron Vassey gets on scene the kid is dead.
Also from the words of his own attorney the BSL officer is was "stabbing" never asked for help or for him to shoot. I would like as a logical person that if I couldn't get someone subdued and they were stabbing me or at me I would be asking for help! But then let's step outside of all that for a moment and consider this. If the situation was under control didn't Bryan Vassey himself create the hostile situation when he walked into a controlled situation and demanded a calm 18 year old kid to be tased? Then let's question the fact as to why Bryan Vassey didn't try to assist in helping get the boy subdued , since he said he wasn't ? I would think a 90lbs kid with 2 tasers stuck in him already with 2 officers on him and they said 2 other BSL officers had responded also.. Could all of these grown men not take a screw driver out of the kids hand? Oh, yeah that's right Bryan Vassey never even tried he just shot! Yeah I'm sure he didn't want to break a sweat or anything. Now I question his dispatch call "I've had to defend myself against the subject".
But his statement is saying he had to defend the other officer . Hmmm now why would he change his story?
Well maybe because it can be to easily proved that he was on no danger of the child he never even got near him until he stood OVER him and shot him , I'm sure then he was like that's not gonna work so let's twist this so I will be the hero at the scene. Because we all know those BSL officers don't know what they are doing and needed to be saved right? Come on people , if it had never been mentioned that that child had mental health issues everyone would be outraged. But as soon as that was mentioned he became less of a person ,a nuisance that was taken care of , or just one less check a month! I know plenty of teenager and adults that do not have any mental health issues and are more of a danger than half the people diagnosed with a mental health issue.
If this person had dementia, or autism , Down syndrome you would be outraged and not so quick to write it off.
This kid has chemical imbalance in his brain, half the people you probably know have some form of mental health issue weather it be depression, anxiety , add, ADHD, or bi-polar disorder. Does that make them less of a person , does that justify killing them ? Are they no worthy of breathing the same air as us? These are humans just like Keith was ? Don't in-humanize him. He was murdered, and he needs justice!


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