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Really? You are as bad as

Really? You are as bad as the reporter talking about the kid's sister! What in the world does the fact that Dep. Lewis made a mistake 2 years ago have to do with the price of eggs in Africa? Let's see here - NOTHING! She is not the one that pulled the trigger! The officer that pulled the trigger was a Southport officer and is it just me or does that sound messed up, seeing as the address in Boiling Spring Lakes? If I am correct the cop that killed this young man was out of jurisdiction to begin with, pulled the trigger ONE minute TEN seconds after arriving on scene! In that amount of time he barely had time to asses the situation! And he fired BETWEEN Dep. Lewis and the other officer. Had either of these officers leaned the wrong way just prior to the shot, they would have been the one to die - at the hands of their fellow brother in blue. Would we be questioning all of this trivial stuff then? NO - He would be fired and probably sentenced to a long stay at central.

Prayers are with this family through their losses and healing. And many prayers to the idiots judging people for mistakes they made in the past - only one entity has the right to cast judgement on us. Oh and 32 calls since 2006 - let's see from Jan.- Jan. that would be 8 years - 96 months - 1 call every three months or four per year. Considering they have a child with mental health issues I don't think that is all that bad and also, nowhere has anyone said all 32 calls were related to this child. Has anyone stopped to think some may have been for strange noises outside, or the sister, or medical help for another family member or even for a smoke investigation? To talk to a cop you HAVE to call 9-1-1, there's no way around it unless you drive to the sheriff's dept. And even then chances are good you'll be told to call 9-1-1. Go educate yourself please!


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